About us

Guangdong Peak Energy Commodities Ltd. is specialized in the development, production and marketing of rechargeable battery factory , the factory is located in Jiangmen City, the Pearl River Delta , adjacent to the light rail station and Jiangmen , Jiangmen Whitewater Scenic Area. The main products are cylindrical lithium-ion batteries , cylindrical lithium iron phosphate and lithium polymer batteries. Products with high voltage platform , long cycle life, low self-discharge , low internal resistance characteristics , for different conditions of use are divided into: ordinary type of magnification batteries, battery powered high- power and high-temperature high-temperature batteries. Widely used in various power model aircraft , mobile communications, power tools, electric toys, storage back-up power , portable electronic products, security products , fire protection, lighting , laptops , audio equipment , electric bicycles , mining , oil and other fields. With the progress of research and development work , the company's products can cover almost all battery applications market for green energy to make a greater contribution. The company has cultivated a number of outstanding engineering and technical personnel and production staff , as well as someone in customer service , dedicated to providing the highest quality products and service for every customer ! Peak Energy Limited GuangDong products adhering to the " customer first, technology innovation as a means to improve product quality," the line is determined to become the most trusted battery suppliers .