Lithium batteries have no memory effect, does not affect the capacity of electricity


It is understood that most electronic products using lithium batteries, electronic products and more than a few years ago the use of nickel -cadmium batteries, memory effect of these two different batteries . The so-called memory effect refers to the previous charge , if not full stop , then after charging, the battery will live in the memory capacity of the previous charge .
South China University chemistry laboratory experiments officers were on lithium and nickel- cadmium batteries conducted five consecutive irregular discharge : not run out to start charging , charging to 70% to stop the charge . Both also give a full release battery charging rules experiments . By charging and discharging curves of the results shows that, after five consecutive irregular charge and discharge capacity of lithium batteries did not change significantly , while the nickel -cadmium battery capacity decrease occurs .
Professor Li , South China University of Technology , said that through this experiment , lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect , no need to charge the full first 10-14 hours , previous full release only to the practice of the management of electrical equipment battery capacity . After use, you can recharge it with the release will not affect capacity.
In addition, the cell phone battery exploded wounding news also scary. Continuous charging will make the phone a long hot , it will not explode ? Professor Lee said that laboratory personnel on two lithium batteries were charging more than 12 hours , a regular battery protection circuit intact, a protection circuit is damaged . Experiments show that , because of the regular battery protection circuit to protect it , even for a long time to charge , it will not cause an explosion , and does not affect battery capacity. Without the protection of the battery charging time as the extension , the temperature will be higher , than 100 ℃ after explosion may occur . Experts advise , be sure to use the regular manufacturers of batteries, using a standard charger , to avoid danger.