Ting long battery life focusing on maintenance


Electric car will be found after a year , the biggest cost is the battery. A set of lead-acid batteries 3,4 hundred dollars, up to a year to be scrapped , it is some heartache. Can not let the battery run more than a few years of it ? Here are several ways to teach you four simple ting long -life lithium battery electric vehicles :
First, the good habit of saving
Not overloading the exercise , especially in the uphill sections not overloaded , because of the sudden increase current, the battery will cause harm ; run electric car possible use glide. Follows the slope of the time, as far as possible in advance of the use of power coastdown . When will encounter traffic lights ahead into glide , to minimize brake. Technician , said he would rather turn a bay is also reducing the time the brakes, it is justified. Start , the best riding added boost, not only can improve the startup speed , and can reduce battery life loss and damage .
Second, pay attention to the environmental charge
First, the battery can not touch water , touch the water occurs if there is rainy wet battery, or charge , in a timely manner with a dry cloth paint dry ; charging optimal ambient temperature is 25 ℃. Most chargers are not adapted to the ambient temperature of the automatic control system, so most chargers are designed according to the ambient temperature of 25 ℃ , 25 ℃, so in charge better. Otherwise, winter and summer due to charge overcharge problems inevitably arise . The ambient temperature is less true when 25 ℃ , so it will have a summer and winter due to charge overcharge problem . Special Note that the battery in the northern winter cold outdoors into a warm room status , when the surface of the lithium-ion battery will be frost condensation. To avoid battery leakage caused by frost condensation , should the battery temperature rises to close to room temperature and dried again after charging .
Third, pay attention to the battery sulfide
Battery sulfide is caused by the short-lived first killer sulfide battery is the battery charging and discharging process will produce lead sulfate particles , especially when the more serious high-current discharge . For example 10ah battery , if more than 10a -current discharge is generated in the plate material more lead sulfate particles , this reaction under the conditions of use of electric vehicles and charging current approach is not reversible reaction, with time , such particles may accumulate in the electrode materials , since such particles are not conductive , the performance characteristics of the external resistance of the battery is increased , the capacity decreases, the battery capacity decreases due to the entire group , the large current discharge capability ( the actual performance of gradeability ) further reduced. This phenomenon is called vulcanization battery . Once sulfide battery , the battery will not only decrease the negative plate capacity will increase the positive plate dehydration and soften the impact on the formation of the entire battery life.
Fourth, take advantage of the maintenance condition
Many electric bike dealers can provide battery maintenance and repair services , you should take advantage of these services. Some brands of electric bikes made for 18650 battery maintenance. Such as: regular battery maintenance can reduce damage to the battery . The battery state of charge of the repair can alleviate the "battery backward" failure , which is equipped with a maintenance capability dealer is easy. Therefore , consumers should be fully utilized to increase battery access conditions to extend the life of lithium batteries .