Materials used in lithium-ion batteries


Lithium-ion battery performance depends primarily on the positive and negative material things as a battery material , lithium iron phosphate is only appeared in recent years , the country has developed a large -capacity lithium iron phosphate is July 2005 . Its safety performance and cycle life are unmatched by other materials , which is also the most important technical battery indicator . 1C charge-discharge cycle life up to 2000 times. Single 30V battery charging voltage is not burning, no explosion puncture . Lithium iron phosphate cathode material to make more high-capacity lithium-ion battery used in tandem . Electric cars to meet the needs frequent charging and discharging . With non-toxic , non-polluting , good safety performance , a wide range of sources of raw materials , cheap, long life and other advantages , is the ideal next-generation lithium-ion battery cathode material of .
The project is the development of high-tech projects in the energy functional materials , the national " 863 " program, field development plan focusing on high-tech industries, " 973" program and the " Eleventh Five ."
Lithium-ion battery cathode material lithium iron phosphate batteries. This new material is not conventional lithium -ion battery cathode material LiCoO2; LiMn2O4;. LiNiMO2 its safety performance and cycle life are unmatched by other materials , which is also the most important technical battery indicator . 1C charge-discharge cycle life up to 2000 times. Single battery charging voltage 30V no burning, no explosion. Puncture does not explode. Lithium iron phosphate cathode material to make more high-capacity lithium battery used in tandem .
First, long life , long life cycle life of lead-acid battery is about 300 times the maximum is 500 , while the lithium iron phosphate battery cycle life of more than 2000 times the standard charge ( 5 hours rate ) to use, can be achieved 2000 times. Lead-acid batteries are the same quality , " new for six months, six months old , maintain and safeguard six months " at most 1.5 years, while lithium iron phosphate used under the same conditions, will reach 7-8 years can be said to be " tenure . " Taken together, more than five times the price-performance for lead-acid batteries .
Second, the use of safe, lithium iron phosphate completely solve the safety problems of lithium cobalt oxide and lithium manganese oxide , lithium cobalt oxide and lithium manganese oxide in the strong collision will produce an explosion of life constitute a threat to the safety of consumers , and iron phosphate Li to undergo rigorous safety testing, even in the worst traffic accident would not have exploded as the most worthy characteristics of lithium batteries.
Third, the high current 2C fast charge and discharge , under the dedicated charger , 1.5C charge within 40 minutes can make the battery is full , the starting current of up to 2C, and lead-acid batteries are no such properties.
Fourth, high temperature, lithium iron phosphate peak heat up to 350 ℃ -500 ℃ and lithium manganese oxide and lithium cobalt oxide is only about 200 ℃.
Five large capacity, Tianjin Stellan can produce lithium iron phosphate battery to continue the mileage is 3-4 times the same quality lead-acid batteries , and its advantages in the context of electric bikes can moderate weight , an electric charge can run more than 100 km , the office workers, an electric charge can be used about a week . The lead-acid batteries for electric bicycles equipped vehicle weight is not exceeded under the conditions of its battery capacity up to 12Ah ( lead acid battery weight this time has reached 13 kg , while the weight of lithium iron phosphate with the capacity of only 5 kg ) , an electric charge can travel up to about 50km.
Sixth, no memory effect rechargeable battery in the full finished work often in conditions hold , the capacity will be less than the rated capacity value rapidly , a phenomenon called memory effect. Like nickel-metal hydride and nickel cadmium batteries exist memory, while lithium iron phosphate is no such phenomenon , no matter what state the battery can recharge it after use without recharging first place finish .
Seven , small size, light weight, small size lithium iron phosphate battery capacity is equivalent volume of lead-acid battery 2 / 3 the weight of lead-acid batteries
Eight green. Lithium iron phosphate material without any toxic or hazardous substance does not pose any pollution to the environment has been recognized as the world green battery , the battery in terms of production and use, are pollution-free, so the battery has included the "15 " period "863" national high-tech development plan, a national key support and encourage the development of the project. With China's accession to WTO, the export volume of China's electric bicycle will increase rapidly , and now into Europe and with the requirements of non-polluting electric bike has a battery with lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles is difficult to export , the current new lithium iron phosphate material and power rechargeable batteries come equipped with electric vehicles, widely exported to the European market, as the choice of lithium iron phosphate battery electric vehicles will be a long-term strategic significance of having a smart choice